Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash

Ethical standards matter.

It feels awful to compromise on ethics. Often, when you need a niche product for a specific function, you have to go with what is available. Sometimes, there just isn’t an ethical option.

At TAYGRA UK, we are passionate about how we can and should make consumer choices that are ecologically sustainable and responsible at every step of the production process.

So, how does TAYGRA measure up as a sustainable and responsible conceptual brand?

TAYGRA adopts a responsible attitude to the planet and its people through every part of the production process

The manufacture of TAYGRA brand products is almost 100% artisanal (70% handmade, 30% machine-assisted). Production is limited for exactly these reasons.

TAYGRA operates a fair trade policy, which aims to develop the local Brazilian economy, supporting Brazilian families through its network of specialised, skilled labour.

All of the shoes sold through TAYGRA UK use 100% vegan materials, including materials sourced from industrial recovery, both recyclable and recycled:

  • Factory remnants, for the fabric used in the uppers and linings of the shoes
  • Naturally-coloured organic cotton, purchased through a partnership with smallholders
  • Vegan ‘leather’ (made from the latex of wild rubber trees)
  • Recycled PVC for the soles
  • Water-based glue, without toxicity for humans or the environment
  • Upcycled truck tarpaulins and recycled tyres (how cool is that?)

What’s more, through TAYGRA’s partnership with Seedpaper, each pair of shoes comes with a recycled paper label impregnated with seeds – flowers, salads or herbs. That’s right – you can plant the label that comes with your shoes and grow new life!

There’s more. TAYGRA’s ethic of sustainability for planet, people, and production extends beyond its iconic footwear.

TAYGRA has pioneered the CURUPIRA project, aimed at the reforestation of the Amazon. Approximately EUR 1 per pair sold is used to support smallholders to transform plots of pastures into valuable tree plantations that will be profitable in a few years.

TAYGRA is also involved in charitable and solidarity operations like fundraising for the distribution of TAYGRA shoes to underprivileged children in RIO, in partnership with the CÔTÉ SUSHI supermarket chain ( www.cotesushi. com ) during the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil. These funds provided 250 pairs of shoes distributed by Santa to these children.

Ethical standards matter. In the fast moving world of the 21st century, it is refreshing to find companies and brands that base their decisions on what is right, not what is easiest, quickest, or cheapest for themselves.

You will find that here at TAYGRA UK.