It’s me, Amy, 4th from left

I’m Amy Wong, the founder of TAYGRA UK and I’ve been into social dance for over a decade. Modern jive, west coast swing, ballroom & latin; and more recently, I fell in love with Brazilian zouk. This led me to Rio de Janeiro, and the discovery of TAYGRA shoes in 2018.

TAYGRA are well-known in the Brazilian dance world and have started to build up a worldwide following, for those in the know. While TAYGRA shoes are not only for dance, by a happy coincidence, several lines are really great for dancers. These are the models I focus on making available to you and other dancers throughout Europe.

What makes Taygra so great for dance?

I am super-picky about dance shoes, and was constantly disappointed with the trade-offs I would make between quality and performance, range and style options, and ethical production standards.

You probably worry about these things, too.

Quality and performance completely define our physical experience of shoes as dancers. Are these shoes really comfortable? Can I get through 2, 6, 8 solid hours of dancing in them without blisters, overheating, or bruised toes? Do they slide well? Can I articulate my feet in them, while getting enough support? Are they durable? Are they washable?

TAYGRA shoes score a yes on every point!

Range and style impact our ability to stand out and express ourselves as individuals. You know the feeling, right? You can go to some dance events, look down, and half the room will be wearing the same brand of shoes, the same model, in the same colour. Boring!

Amy with just a small handful of the colours and styles of Taygra shoes available

With a limitless and ever-evolving range of styles and colours, TAYGRA gives you the freedom to create YOUR look.

Ethical standards matter deeply to us, and it feels awful to compromise. Often, when you need a niche product for a specific function, you have to go with what is available, and usually there just isn’t an ethical option. I am passionate about how we can and should reduce our impact on the planet. We can and should make consumer choices that are ecologically sustainable and responsible at every step of the production process.

Alexandre Salaün (left) and Amy Wong (right) discuss how Taygra shoes are sustainably made

I was delighted to meet Alexandre Salaün, the creator of the TAYGRA brand, and discuss with him how he has created his range of products with these principles front and centre. More about this over on the Ethics page.

Why I Choose Taygra

TAYGRA speaks to everything I am drawn to and enthusiastic about:

  • Dance. 
  • The freedom and opportunity that the internet brings.
  • People and companies that base their decisions on what is right, not what is easiest, quickest, or cheapest for themselves. 

I invite you to browse our collection of selected lines at Taygra UK and find the shoes that speak to you.

Let’s have a fantastic time and keep dancing!